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How was PFI formed and in how many states it has spread, what is its real purpose?



Who are the PFI: National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) took action against PFI in more than a dozen states on 22 and 27 September. Popular Front of India (PFI) locations in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra and Telangana among other states were raided and more than 100 people were arrested. It was told that the action against the organization on such a large scale was taken for allegedly providing funds to the terrorists, arranging training for them and tricking people to join the sanctioned organisations.

PFI banned for five years

Now the Union Home Ministry on Wednesday banned this organization for five years. A notification has said that the Popular Front of India has been banned for having links with global terrorist organizations and for being involved in several terror cases. Apart from PFI, the action was also taken against its 8 affiliates. In the notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been said that in the exercise of the powers under Section 3(1) of the UAPA, the PFI and its affiliates or affiliates or fronts are declared as an unlawful association.

There are serious allegations against the organization

It is known that before the ban, the news related to the action of the investigating agency and the police against the PFI dominated the media. The name of this organization was also associated with the shooting in Begusarai of Bihar. The strings of the BJP worker’s murder case in Karnataka were also linked to the PFI. The organization was also linked to the ‘Grooming Gang’ in Jharkhand. There were allegations of its members being involved in the Kanhaiyalal murder case in Udaipur.

Its name also appeared in the Delhi riots and Kanpur violence. There were also allegations of PFI being associated with terrorist organizations like IS. The name PFI has also come to the fore in many other terrorist activities in the country. It has also been banned in many states. In such a situation, the question arises what is this Popular Front of India, whose strings have been related to illegal activities?

What are PFI and its history?

In 2006, the foundation of the Popular Front of India was laid in the southern state of Kerala in India. It was born as the National Development Front (PDF). Then many other Muslim organizations like Manitha Niti Pasarai, Karnataka Forum for Dignity, Rashtriya Vikas Morcha and others merged into it. After which it was known as PFI i.e. Popular Front of India.

In fact, after the demolition of the Babri Masjid, Muslim organizations emerged in many states of South India. PFI was formed by merging many of these organizations. However, this organization has been under the scanner since its inception. It is banned in many states of the country. The organization is also accused of indulging in anti-national activities. Many of its workers and leaders have been arrested in many such cases.

what is its real purpose?

The organization describes itself as the leader of a new social movement, committed to empowering people to ensure justice, freedom and security. The organization has many more branches including the National Mahila Morcha (NWF) and the Campus Front of India (CFI). The organization claims that it has branches in 23 states of the country.

But apart from its ideology, many serious allegations have also been made against the organization. It is accused of working towards making the country a Muslim nation. The organization is also accused of having some hidden dangerous agenda which is harmful to the country. However, PFI leaders have been continuously denying the allegations against themselves, calling them politically motivated.

It is known that the All India President of PFI is E. Abubakar, who belongs to Kerala. Its headquarter was earlier in Kozhikode but later it was shifted to Delhi.

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